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File Specifications


A general guide for optimum quality prints is to ensure your files are 300dpi at the size you wish to print.

TIFF or JPEG files are accepted. We recommend Adobe RGB 1998 or sRGB.  Please convert PDF files to JPEG before uploading.

When ordering and uploading our system will make available to you only the print sizes we believe are acceptable for your file size. Smaller files can still give a good print and with our special software can be further optimised for good results. Occasionally you may need to work with the only file available and when printed that image may not be perfectly sharp. If viewed from a distance there is usually no issue but at a certain point it will be a personal opinion as to whether the file is good enough to be printed.

We will do all we can to hold a tight cutting tolerance for your exact size ordered. We use a metal shear to finish the edges, so there can be a variance +/- 1-4mm. With this minimal loss of image around the edges, text and fine lines are best kept at least 5mm from the sides.

We personally check every file that is ordered. We treat each print as if it were our own and want it to look the very best it can. If we have any concerns or think your file won't reproduce well, we will contact you to discuss before printing. We may advise a smaller print, a larger file or give a refund if the job doesn't go ahead.



Colour Management


Print 2 Metal view files on the highest quality monitors and calibrate to ICC standards. This ensures we are viewing the correct colour of your image.

Our closed loop calibration system including sophisticated RIP software means we do the work and you’ll have less issues with colour reproduction.

If your monitor is not regularly calibrated there is likely to be a variation between the colour of an image on your computer screen and the finished product. Also keep in mind a transmittive image on screen will always be slightly different to the reflective output on metal. If unsure of the colour to expect we advise you to get small proofs printed by a good photolab to see if they match your screen.

Proofs from your files to be printed can always be posted to us to use as an extra guide to colour. They will be returned with your metal prints.